Is So Shin your real name?
SHOSHIN is the core principle in my life.  
But if being philosophical is not your kind of thing, 
SO is my initials, SHIN is how people used to call me. 

Can I have your gif card please?
Sure, here you go:
10 facts about you?
i) Heart of a designer with the brain of a producer. 
ii) Believe in clear and transparent communication. Particular with good workflows.
iii) Illustrator, designer, animator, compositor and an attentive problem solver.
iv) Rule of thumb is never make things more difficult than it should be. 
v) Good looking visuals is a must, making things efficient for everyone is a priority. 
vi) Highly recommended as a team-player; also fully functional as a solo-player.
vii) 100% certified ego-free, high flexibility and easy to work with. 
viii) Highly responsive designer, only unavailable if I'm in a yoga class.
ix) Available for both day-to-day or project-based hire. Don't mind sit-ins if you have a cool table for me.
x) Not fantastic at making small talks, but I'm learning!
If there is any project that made you think of me by the time you are reading this, trust your gut feeling, please get in touch. I'm super responsive.

Let's collaborate!
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